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Design Thinking


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תהליכי הטמעה ליישום וליווי צמוד, מותאמים אישית

נסיון של מעל 400 סדנאות בארץ ובעולם ב-5 השנים האחרונות

מעל 200 בוגרי Design Thinking וחדשנות פרקטית באקדמיה

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It was a highly productive day, very unique to be able to take high level goals and translate into actual feature outline at such a pace.


Thank you Rotem & Moshe

David Brutman, Folloze

Co-Founder & CPO

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We had two days of Design Thinking & Practical Innovation activities training for my department.

I must say that you did a great job, the seminar was facilitated in an experiential, professional and interesting way.

Both days were excellent and gained praise from all participants.

You have succeeded in instilling a tremendous motivation and curiosity that has produced good and successful ideas.

The employees completed the training with a spark in their eyes and a strong desire to arrive tomorrow morning to work with a willing for a change.

Thank you!

Sharon Hirshfeld, Yes 

Head of Digital & Customer Application (IT)


Moshe and Rotem helped Elastifile streamline its UX and Development processes.

They did a great job here, and were very organized and professional.

The process itself dealt with complex and highly sensitive areas, but through Discovers professional guidance and treatment, the topics were analyzed, discussed and resolved in a pleasant and efficient manner.

Beyond the effectiveness we achieved within the solutions that were formed in the workshop, it was fun. 

Highly recommended!

Shai Koffman, Elastifile



We participated in a Design Thinking workshop led by Discovers in order to shape the company's values for 2019. 

we were exposed to an amazing experience that connected all the participants to the values of the company and its success in the Israeli market. 

At the end of an intense day we felt that we were all talking the same approach.

The workshop is a great opportunity for innovative and creative breakthroughs, for sharing and alignment.

Warmly recommended. We sure will do more.

Asaf Bar, Eternity



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