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We propose:

1. Tailored workshops for organizations to foster creativity in order to improve efficiency and solve organizational challenges, while focusing on customer satisfaction.

2. Academy for professionals and innovators to learn Design Thinking - the most advanced innovation methodology.


How do we do that?

Accelerating innovation, problem-solving, strategic decision making and improvement using modern work methodologies like: Design Thinking, Design Sprint and Agile.

We are tailoring the most efficient workshop for your needs, facilitate it towards solving your challenges and fostering innovation.

If you want to learn innovation or Design Thinking - we have multiple education solutions that might fit you, here.

Our Discovershops©

  1. Improving efficiency

  2. Setting Business Strategy

  3. Improving customer satisfaction

  4. Igniting projects and hackathons

  5. Streamlining work methodologies

  6. Empowering employees

  7. Collaboration and teamwork

  8. Time management

  9. Embedding UX in the Organization

  10. Defining Vision & Organizational Values


Our workshops are yielding an improvement of 100% in business and customer satisfaction.

We Are Discovers

Who are we?


Rotem Binheim

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Facilitator of workshops, consultant and accompanist of organizations as a mentor in UX and product strategy.


Rotem has over 15 years of experience as a consultant and currently leads user research processes in a variety of companies - from start-ups to giant corporations in Israel and around the world.

She is one of the leaders of the WE (Women Experience) of the UX & Product Women in Israel, which has over 3,400 women and is the founder of the lecturer program.


Moshe Weiss

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Facilitating and Developing workshops with over 10 years of experience in Design Thinking and innovation methods.

Moshe has over 20 years of management experience in the largest organizations in the world as a leader in the field of Design Thinking, User Experience and assimilation of customer-oriented processes.

He has vast experience in project management, development and design, product management and strategy, during which he also founded and led over 30 successful workshops.