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Design Thinking

Workshop Facilitator

The holder of this certificate is a graduate of Discovers Design Thinking Seminar and a member of Discovers Community for Design Thinking.

The Design Thinking workshop facilitator can take a challenge and develop a unique, tailor-made Design Thinking workshop, picking the correct activities with the appropriate patterns, and facilitate the workshop in order to solve the challenge in a methodic, Design Thinking oriented way.

Being part of the community means being updated with new innovations around Design Thinking, facilitation tips and the unique "Discovers Wizard" for developing efficient workshops for any challenge. 

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The Graduation Program

The Graduation Program

1st day 

An introduction to DT, explaining deeply the Design Thinking methodology, focusing around workshops, diving deep around motivation behind activities, the various styles of each activity and to which challenges are they needed.


A real workshop: the students become participants in a design thinking workshop that Discovers are facilitating using its professional mentors. While facilitating, emphasizing the motivation, the style of facilitation and activities we chose, tips and clarifications about our facilitation.

2nd day

Introducing the “Discovers Wizard”: a guide helping the students to develop a workshop for any challenge with a questionnaire and instructions + more than 80 facilitation tips.


The students switch roles and become now facilitators. A challenge is introduced and they need to work with the Wizard and together as a team to develop a workshop and facilitate it to the rest of the team. Each student gets to facilitate 2 activities, hand-in-hand with Discovers professional mentors.

3rd day

For the 3rd day, the students build a workshop that is being facilitated solely by them to the rest of the students, in front of the mentors.



What do graduates earn at the end?

Getting the unique “Discovers Wizard” for developing efficient Design Thinking workshops


Becoming part of the unique Discovers Community of Design Thinking enjoying help from other graduates, sharing ideas, retrospectives and conclusions around developing workshops development and facilitation. They also can get updates of any new activities, styles and new editions of Discovers Wizard.


Each graduate can now facilitate a workshop, with the ability to identify the most efficient workshop structure (activity, pattern) for any challenge out there.

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