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From lack of clarity to a clear strategy in 8 hours

עודכן: 6 בדצמ׳ 2018

This week we ran a priority and strategy workshop at @Folloze.

Their goal was to add a brand new user group to their existing product in order to enlarge their solution suite to more personas in organizations and by that to burst into more areas.

The company's leaders felt that they knew what needed to happen in order to make the product bloom into the new area, but they felt that the number of user groups to serve was too large to be able to solve all their scenarios successfully on a reasonable time to market. This made the priorities scattered and not focused, each leader saw the new addition plugged into the product in a different way, focusing on different features.

So they called us, #Discovers, to help with our methodology, narrowing the amount if user groups, focusing the priorities to score the highest ROI and align the product into a clear roadmap and vision.

So what did we achieve in the workshop?

We went in with a lack of clarity about the "what's next?" And the priorities, we went out with a roadmap and a clear vision!

So how does the magic of #Design_Thinking and the power of #Discovers came into reality?

1. We began to straighten out what the company wants to achieve (not obvious ...). It took us some time to settle with 1 short sentence that defines what we are trying to do in this workshop.

2. We achieved clearly regarding the user groups that are going to be serviced after eliminating others that were found less relevant with what we defined in (1).

3. We defined the new user groups daily process in depth and analyzed the challenges they face in their daily work, empathizing with their feelings and thoughts.

We prioritized the challenges in a way that focused the team with the ones they will tackle in the coming years.

It means that the coming solutions will focus only on the top prioritized challenges, to avoid scattered thoughts.

4. We raised amazing innovative solutions by fostering creativity with unique activities to #Discovers. The new solutions are now unique to #Folloze and brings added value to the product and the organization with a sense of uniqueness.

5. We prioritized the grewat solutions by taking into consideration the effort needed and the value each one brings to the customers and the product. By that we choose the ideas that brings the highest ROI, building the product roadmap for the coming years.

Once again, we cracked the mission!

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